Jun 30th

Navenby Archaeology Group in the county of Lincolnshire U.K. Local archaeology, history, events and Community activities.

Sudbrooke Visit Thanks to Liz for organising a visit to the Sudbrooke site on Wed 30th July. Details on the Events page.

Navenby Roman Day
Many thanks to Ian and the 2008 group for organising another superb event and to all who volunteered their time and effort.
Pictures from this years event can be viewed in the Picture Gallery on Navenby.net.

The results of the children's Art Competition can also be seen in the Picture Gallery. 28 entries were received from Bassingham School and some further entries from Navenby School will be posted as soon as available.

Members section has a few pictures from my trip to Italy.

Our thanks to Craig Spence of Bishop Grossteste College for an intriguing talk on the progress of excavations at Sudbrooke.

Many thanks to all members and volunteers for your help with the Pot Washing on Saturday morning. We completed 23 bags and saw plenty of Roman grayware. The bags will need a few weeks to dry out. I will organise a Classification session to have the experts sort through the finds. The experts tend to be busy with Field Trips in summer so this will most likely be in July or August.

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It is in remarkable condition and side-lighting shows up the relief. Diameter is 15mm, weight about 2 grams. Emperor inscription 'Constantius II' (which is 323 - 361AD). The Reverse has an offset impression with only 'Glor?? ??itus readable and with soldiers either side of a standard. The Mint mark is clear as TRP (Trier). A similar coin find in Lincolnshire is recorded with reverse inscription 'Gloria Excitus'